Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-31-2013 Yelp Halloween Party

We went to the Yelp Halloween party, but evidently took no pictures.  The event was really fun and there were lotsa sample of things.  The venue was an old church and with all of the people it got prettty hot in there.

10-30-2013 Movember Kickoff Sun King Brewery

Sun King helped kick off the microbrewery revolution in Indianapolis and they have always been good citizens and great members of the community.  They hosted the Movember (mens health awareness month) Indianapolis Kickoff.  All proceeds went towards Mens Health Awareness.

I ate at a food cart called the flavor truck.  The review is here.

They have a seasonal beer that is called fistful of hops and I really loved it!  The band was a lot of fun.

The band's original songs were the best

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10-28-2013 Pitchfeast at the Speak Easy

There was an event in Indianapolis called Pitchfeast by Dreamopolis.  It occurs every month and the way it works is that you pay 5 bucks to get in and you get a wooden token and you get beer and food.  Companies sponsor the meal and then all of the entry fee gets awarded to the winner of the pitch portion of the event.

People get up there and pitch an idea that will help the community.  On this day we couldn't have had more different pitches.  The first pitch was from a company called Boosterville.  They had a way that you could pay for your purchases with an app.  Then 1 % of your purchase would go to a charity of your choice.  The business would save 1% on the transaction fees.  Boosterville had their ducks in a row and have a developed app.  They had worked on this for 2 years.

The Speak Easy in SoBro
It was a costumed event and we dressed up as the Amish Mafia
The second pitch was from a lady named Dorothy who wanted to develop a brand for herself called Homegrown Hillbilly and she wanted to be motivational speaker and wanted to help motivate people in underserved areas.  She seemed to have a good heart and she brought her whole family with her and they were all very nice.  I think that people felt like Boosterville was already a funded enterprise that was well developed.   Everybody wanted to help Dorothy get started and for this reason she won and got $295 to get her started.

We didn't realize at first that the chili provided was vegetarian, and Cara didn't eat it.  So, after this meeting we went to Broad Ripple and ate at Noodles and Company and that review is here.

Monday, October 28, 2013

10-26 to 10-27-2013 Pre-Halloween Weekend Festivities

Saturday afternoon we went over to the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival.  There were about 40 booths, plus the Indie Handicraft tent, food vendors and food trucks, lots of people in costume (including us), kids activities galore, and live music.  There were signs for a beer garden, and some people described where the booth was, but we never found it.
Washington and Audobon Streets are blocked off for this event.
It was on the chilly side, but partly sunny, and it brought out the crowds.
This might have been the best costume we saw at the festival - it's certainly the cutest!
We kept our costumes on, and later that night we went downtown to the Nightmare on Meridian Street Bar Crawl.  We didn't win any contests, but we did have several people tell us we had the best costumes of the night.  A bar crawl is definitely not our usual thing, but we had a ton of fun and ended up taking a cab home.  So, Sunday we decided to dust off our tandem bike and put it to use.  Google picked a pleasant route for us, taking us along Pleasant Run, through Fountain Square, and on the Cultural Trail.  It was nice - we saw the city from a new perspective, got a little exercise, and enjoyed lunch at Buca di Beppo.  (Read our review of lunch here.)
The Cultural Trail nicely crosses over I-65/I-70 to connect Fountain Square with downtown.
Cara's view on the tandem bike
It was nice to see a family also enjoying a bike ride on this beautiful day.
Love this open public area on Georgia Street that Indy got, thanks to hosting the Superbowl!
The monument looked beautiful against the bright blue sky.

Friday, October 18, 2013

10-17-2013 Indiana Wildlife Federation Member Appreciation Celebration

Just a couple of months ago the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) moved their offices from Zionsville to a great location in downtown Indy.  Meals on Wheels now owns the building at 708 E. Michigan St. that used to be a Senior Center.  The IWF rents a nice office space on the first floor, and they have access to some nice common areas that they can use for events.  It made for a fabulous place to enjoy the annual Member Appreciation Celebration.
a glimpse into Indiana Wildlife Federation's new office space
One of the nice common areas available to renters in the Meals on Wheels building
Another view of the downstairs common area
Many thanks to these wonderful musicians for the great live music at the party
Kids enjoyed building bird houses

The upstairs banquet room with kitchenette

The upstairs banquet room
The upstairs banquet room

10-17-2013 Indiana City Brewing Company

There was a meetup of the Indianapolis Vegetarian Society that was held at the Indiana City Brewing Company.  The ICBC is on the corner of Shelby and Southeastern on the SE side of Indy downtown....just east of I-70 I-65.

They have a table for cards and I stuck out some for

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10-16-2013 - Trivia at The Tin Roof

We had information from a team trivia website that there was trivia at The Tin Roof in downtown Indianapolis.  We had a gift certificate for the place so we decided to give it a try.

We reviewed the meal and restaurant here.  

The trivia was a bust, but they did have an open mic night which was very cool.  The open mic starts at 10 with a prize of 100 bucks.  Jay Eliot performs 7 songs starting at about 8:30.  He was really good actually.  I thought he started slow and then really warmed up fast.

I shot a video of one of his songs, but it wont load right on this blog.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

10-12-2013 Quaff On Brewing Co. Opening Party

A longtime friend invited us to the Saturday opening of Quaff On Brewing Co. in Nashville, Indiana.  We love supporting local, so we were all for it.  The brewery is in a cool old building that has also served as a bowling alley and a skating rink.  They took out the low ceiling and exposed beautiful curved metal roof beams (which they didn't even have to repaint) and amazing cedar wood planks.
Quaff On Brewing Co. opening
Our friend had VIP tickets, which got us each free food and a souvenir glass.  Eric and Cara really enjoyed their Busted Knuckle, a strong dark brown ale that almost tasted like a porter or stout.  Eric and our friend, Danny, also enjoyed the hoppier selections like the IPAs.
Live music at the Quaff On Brewing Co. opening
Some people gathered outside where they were playing cornhole.  Inside the building you could enjoy live music, food, beer (of course), and brewery tours.  We got a full brewery tour, which was very interesting.
Chillers used to help control the temperature of the beer
Boiler and water purification system

Carbon Dioxide bubbling from a tank as a beer ferments
More conditioning tanks
Walk-in cooler for storing the finished product
Barrels for aging some brews
Cara (a vegetarian) was only able to eat cole slaw and chips at Quaff On, so we left to get something more substantial.  We went to Big Woods Brewing Co. and got the Veggie Max pizza, which was yummy!  Then we went back to our friend's place to wait for his girlfriend to get off work.  When she arrived we headed back to Quaff On Brewing Co.  We enjoyed more music, drinks, and another brewery tour before heading back to the apartment.  We talked, drank and snacked even more before finally calling it a (great) night.

One funny thing to note:  We knew our friend Danny had lived in Montana briefly a year or so ago, but weren't sure exactly where.  Turns out he lived very close to Red Lodge!  (See our post from September about our adventures there.)  Plus, he knew the nice couple from Indiana that we had met when we were there!  What a small world!

Friday, October 11, 2013

10-10-2013 walk around Indy downtown

It was a very nice fall evening.   We decided to go on a walk downtown.  We started off by visiting Tomlinson Taproom which is in city market in downtown Indianapolis.  Tomlinson Taproom is a joint venture between the city of Indianapolis and the Indiana Brewers Guild.  They only sell local Indiana Beers and on Thursday they sell pints for 4 bucks.

On this day no sooner did we grab a beer when a flood of lawyers and judges descended upon the place.  It provided an interesting ambiance.
This is a shot across the Indy City Market looking at Tomlinson Taproom
On the way to the restaurant we walked past Scottys Brewpub and scored a 2.50 pint of anything on thursday!  We sat outside and enjoyed the sunset.  They have one of the best patios in downtown.
They had fireworks and they were using them to force the birds to stop roosting in the adjacent trees. Everytime a flock of birds came to roost they were shot at with rockets.   It will be interesting if it stops them from roosting permanently.
We ate at Claddagh Irish Pub in Downtown Indianapolis.  We had a gift certificate that said 10 off of 20.  click here to see the food log entry

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10-8-2013 Green Drinks at the IMA Gardens

On Tuesday we arrived at about 5pm at the Greenhouse on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) for Green Drinks.  About a dozen people came for the event.  The Greenhouse and gift shop stayed open a little later for us to shop, and outside there was free beer from Indiana City Beer and Sun King Brewing Co.  At about 6pm the Director of Horticulture at IMA, Chad Franer, took us all on a tour of the grounds.  He showed us the newest rain garden (IMA's second rain garden), which was just finished this past spring.  It runs along where the old interurban electric rail line went through long ago.
on the bridge overlooking the IMA's new rain garden
The first rain garden filters runoff from one half of the Greenhouse parking lot.
This new rain garden helps filter runoff from the other half of the parking lot and the rest of the grounds.
Chad then led us through the rest of the IMA grounds.  He noted which plants had beautiful foliage for most of the year, which ones had blooms until late in the year, which ones could live in poor soil, which ones didn't need much light, and which ones were annuals (all plants in the rain garden are annuals).  Chad is a wealth of information about plants of all kinds.

Cara loved this plant but forgot to note the name of it.
The red spiky things are softer and springier than they appear.
"Beauty Berry" plants
The front entrance to the IMA.
Beautiful landscaping now surrounds the fountain that you used to be able to drive around.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

9-30 to 10-4-2013 Traverse City Ale Trail

We always like to visit Traverse City, MI after the Michigan Paddlers Rendezvous because it's a neat area with lots going on.  We stayed four nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  At one microbrewery we discovered that there is now a Traverse City Ale Trail.  If you go to all the breweries listed in the brochure and get stamps from them, then you could take the brochure back to The Filling Station (a nice microbrewery overlooking Boardman Lake) and receive a free silicone pint glass.  That was the first freebie we had seen that seemed bus-worthy and travel-worthy, so we went for it.

We enjoyed visiting the following breweries:
1. Mackinaw Brewing Company
2. The Filling Station Microbrewery
3. Brewery Ferment - cute little place, tried our first sour beer here
4. The Workshop Brewing Company - awesome place with good food and pinball
5. North Peak Brewing Company - a more mainstream restaurant and brewery
6. Right Brain Brewery
7. Jolly Pumpkin - a nice restaurant and brewery way up there on the Old Mission Peninsula, had sour beer here also

We got our silicone pints (you know, the flexible rubbery stuff that they now make potholders and stuff from), and they're really cute and neat:

Cara also had a birthday while we were there, so we did go around and collect any free drinks.  We enjoyed walking around downtown and eating several nice meals.  One funny thing we saw was this plant:

We generally like to camp at Sleeping Bear Dunes after our week in Traverse City, but the government shutdown thwarted our plans.  So, we just headed home early.