Monday, January 25, 2016

1-25-2016 Adventure Monday Birthday Edition

Friends Emma and Siobhan always have "Adventure Mondays" when Siobhan is in Hopkins.  This Monday also happened to
be Emma's birthday, so there was a much bigger crowd - about 16 of us in total.  Emma is on the left, in white, turned away
from the camera.

We had a lovely lunch at Maya Beach Hotel Bistro in Maya Beach.

Cara's delicious Roasted Pumpkin-Coconut-Green Chili soup - several people got this and loved it.

Vegetarian tacos

Debbie, Marcia and Siobhan

After lunch we headed over to Jaguar Lanes (Belize's only bowling alley) for some bowling fun.  This is the venue before our
huge party took it over.

Birthday girl, Emma, ready for action!

Emma and Terry



It was tons of fun with this awesome group of people!

Upon returning to Hopkins we went to The Tree Top Bar at the Funky Dodo Hostel.  This is Siobhan and her good friend, Mac.
Siobhan had to return to the States the next day, sadly, but Cara is counting down the days until her return.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

1-21-2016 Sailing Away

Sisters Kara and Pam - Pam sailed with us, and Kara was there taking pictures.



Getting everything ready to set sail.  There wasn't a ton of wind, but enough for a nice, calm ride.

Pam started out sailing with us...

But she eventually left us and joined her friends on their sailboat...

Pam with Bill and Mark (standing) - Mark is the owner of that boat.

We sailed around in the bay for a while, then Pam got hungry so we sailed over to Laruni Hati Beyabu, a nice local restaurant
right on the beach.

It was a beautiful day, and we all had great fun!

Many thanks to Terry Nieberding for provinding all the photos in this post!

Monday, January 18, 2016

1-13 to 1-18-2016 Cara's Quick Visit to Indiana

I, Cara, ended up having to make a quick trip to Indiana to deal with some paperwork, so I found a good deal on tickets and
flew out on a Wednesday.  This is my "hopper" plane from Dangriga to Belize City.

The view taking off from Dangriga

I sat right behind the pilots on the small plane.

Leaving Belize City...

Approaching Houston for the flight transfer - it was an all day travel ordeal.

Approaching Indianapolis at night

I failed to get pictures at the party, but my friends, Mark and Annette, hosted a fun, wonderful get-together with many of my
friends back in Indiana. They also put me up for three nights - thanks again!

I was also able to spend some time with family that I have missed terribly and love very much!

My brother, mother and me

My adorable nephew and niece wearing the shirts I brought them from Belize.

Leaving Houston for Belize City - it was a very brief trip to Indiana, and I am sorry that I was
unable to visit everyone I wanted to see.

Approaching the Belize International Airport - Belize City is in the distance.

Leaving Belize City for Dangriga on my hopper flight.

Friday, January 15, 2016

1-15-2016 Motorcycles and Chocolate with Bob

Our friend, Bob, wanted to take a motorcycle trip while in Hopkins, so Eric and Bob rented from Woogie Buggy.

They stopped in Maya Center Village at Che'il Mayan Chocolate and took the chocolate making tour.  This is the owner,
Julio Saqui, explaining the steps to making chocolate.

They stone ground the cacao, really making their own chocolate bars from scratch.

Then they rode around checking out the area.

They made it to the village of Red Bank, where people go to see the Scarlet Macaws.  They didn't see any, though, because
you need to get there early in the morning.

The evening ended at Windschief Bar with more friends.