Sunday, June 30, 2019

6-30-2019 Bike Ride on the Monon Trail

Several of the restaurants along the trail decided to get together and offer some specials.  Mark, Annette, Eric and Cara decided to take Big Lug Canteen Brewery up on their offer.  It is probably about 7 miles to get to the brewery.  We sorta split everything.

These are cheese curds


Burger and salad

Tenderloin and salad

Afterwards we found a nice band at The Broad Ripple Brewing Company

Saturday, June 29, 2019

6-29-2019 The Tower of Power at Conner Prairie

Mark and Annette had some tickets for the concert at Conner Prairie.  At Conner Prairie you can bring your own food and drink.  It is a pretty chill concert venue that is run by an army of volunteers.

It rained really hard, but there was no lightening.  The rain passed quickly and not many people were prepared for the rain.

There were a lot of band members

The band was very talented

Friday, June 28, 2019

6-28-2019 Street Festival at Shoe Fly

There is a nice restaurant called Shoe Fly.  They host events and today was the day for the Fall Creek Block Party.  The band was The 3:1 Band.

Pet friendly and kid friendly neighborhood event

We tried this place

We tried the zucchini meatballs....they were a lot better than they probably look

The event was mainly setup in the parking lot

They closed the road for the 3:1 band....see below for a sample of the band....they were very good.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

6-27-2019 Lockerbie Place and 16 bit arcade

Every month they have a nice little gathering at Lockerbie Public Place.  There are some food trucks, some vendors, and some music.  It makes for a nice little stopover.

As usual we rode our bikes about 7 miles to get here.

This is a nice public space and it is right next to the Monon Trail and a grocery store

Great place to relax

The band was a mix of smooth jazz and blues

Several food trucks were there

They even have a foosball table

This was the grand opening of a new arcade bar called 16 bit

The games are free and there are a lot of different machine.  A true recreation of an arcade from 1980

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

6-26-2019 DysFUNKtion at the Eiteljorg museum at White River State Park

Every Wednesday at the Eiteljorg Museum they have music.  We ride our bikes about 8 miles one way to get there.  It takes about 45 minutes if you ride at a relaxing pace.

The band was very festive and spirited. 

They call this are "under the sails"  it is a relaxing venue for a concert

Cool statue

Afterwards we went to Fountain Square for some nachos

Quick stop at Monument circle

the Little free library

Sunday, June 23, 2019

6-20 to 6-22-2019 Haubstadt Sommerfest

We went to the small German-American town where Eric grew up for their annual Sommerfest.

The bierstube is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday is quieter, with mostly locals, but for Friday and
Saturday nights people come from all around the area.

They have a backdrop for photo opportunities.

In another area there are carnival games and rides for the kids.

This is the first "No Weapons" sign we've seen that actually indicates nunchucks, lol!

Saturday morning is the Laufenfest 5K race that generates lots of money for town projects. They even block off the main
road for the event. Eric's brother, Greg, was stationed there to tell any drivers that came up to the blockade how to get

Some people ran with their dogs or their kids in strollers.

Our nephew was running in the race (the short one in the blue shirt), and he wanted his father to play a song for him as he
ran by, so at his station Greg was blasting "Funky Monkey" (on repeat) for Jake. Cara was out there as well, and thought the
song was funny at first, but now would be happy to never hear it again. 

One woman dressed in German garb for the race.

Runners were first, and the walkers were after them.

At the end of the race there was free fruit, water and beer for the runners.

Later that afternoon was the parade, which thankfully did not get rained out.

One float was a scale model display of the new wind turbine that is going in near Eric's brother's house. It's a matter of great
debate (for and against) in the town.

There was a replica of the police car the Blues Brothers used to promote their show in the Blues Brothers movie.

There were a variety of old tractors.

Horseless carriage

Really, almost anybody can be in the parade if they want to.

The shady invention of a friend's father.

The last night of the bierstube is always packed.