Thursday, February 25, 2016

2-24-2016 Power Outage Adventures

There was a planned power outage in a large area from 7 am until 12 noon, which meant we wouldn't be getting any work done anyway, so it seemed a good day to get out and do something fun. It turned out to be a gorgeous, hot, sunny day, and the ladies all went to a waterfall together, while the guys went out fishing on our friend Yuri's boat.

Ladies Waterfall Trip:

We headed to a private waterfall (without a name), and they are in the process of building a bar/restaurant out there.

It's progressing nicely and looking really beautiful.  The giant hardwood posts are the trunks of Santa Maria trees.

They are also building a honeymoon suite into the side of the cliff.

Beautiful main door into the suite

Custom, built-in king size bed to the left, natural rock face wall to the right, bathroom straight ahead.

One wall of the shower is the natural rock face. 

Looking out from the bathroom - looks like there will be a kitchenette on the far wall.

The main waterfall, which has a really nice natural swimming pool.

There is also a nice area to hang out by the waterfall.

Ashley by the waterfall

This time there was even an innertube to use.

The water is very "refreshing", so Sabrina likes to not hesitate and just dive in.

Ashley followed suit and jumped in. Cara and Valerie walked in quickly.

The smaller lower falls

Looking downstream at the bar/restaurant under construction.

We've been told they plan to put some seats in the water as well (maybe here).

Bathrooms under construction below - the rock overhang above is where they plan to build a one
bedroom suite rental.

Looking down at the construction from the rock overhang.

On our way home we stopped for lunch at Mayan King Grill & Beer Garden.

Veggie nachos

We took the scenic route (along the river) through Sittee River Village and saw several iguanas out soaking up the warmth.
Cara later learned that the black one in the picture they call a Wish Willy. The more colorful one on the left is what they call
a Garrobo.

 Guys Fishing Trip:

Leaving the marina

Our friend James had a three week streak of no luck fishing from the shore, so he was glad to get out on a boat and actually
catch some fish.

Eric likes to climb up to the seat at the very top of the boat and get incredible views.

Anchored off Bread and Butter Cayes

There is always time to go snorkeling as well.

Evening Fire Threat:

That evening we learned that workers at a construction site nearby had been burning some brush and it got out of control.

The dry stuff at the edge of the savanna was burning, and the wind was driving it north toward the back of a house.

Love the clouds here, but not the smoke.

You can kind of see the smoke and flames at the back of this house.

Thankfully neighbors from all around came over and helped to protect the homes.

One person wetting the grass, and another one chopping a fire break through it.

They successfully kept the fire away from the homes, but they couldn't stop it spreading into the savanna.

Cara went back to the house while the guys were firefighting, and she was happy to see these
Jesus Christ lizards climb this tree to go to sleep. The bigger one on the right is a male, and the
smaller one appeared to be one of the recent babies.

Then mama came up and climbed another tree very nearby. You can just see her peeking over
the edge of the raised bed here. We've been watching this pair for many months, and it's nice to
see their new little one as well.

The savanna fire after the sun went down. Thankfully it rained hard and long later that night - exactly what was needed!