Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2-21-2018 Memorial Gathering for Birgit Bauer

Very sadly, our friend Birgit Bauer unexpectedly had to go to the hospital on Valentine's Day, and she passed two days later.
Birgit's mother had been visiting from Germany, so friends arranged to have a gathering in Birgit's honor before her mother
had to leave. Even though people were telling stories and trying to focus on the good memories, it was a tough afternoon.
Everyone felt terrible for Birgit's mother and Birgit's boyfriend.

Thinking of you, Birgit! We love and miss you!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2-20-2018 Benefit Snorkeling Trip to Tobacco Caye

Eric Vasquez (a dive master at Tobacco Caye) had cancer, and our friends who own Happy Go Luckie Tours arranged a benefit snorkeling trip with all the proceeds going to help the dive master. We donated, went on the trip, and had a great time.  Unfortunately, shortly thereafter he passed.  RIP Eric Vasquez.

Other people donated boats and time, so there ended up being four boat-fulls of people on the benefit trip.

Headed down the Sittee River to the sea.

We only managed to catch a couple of photos on the river because the sea was ROUGH and you had to hold on tight.

Everyone was happy to get to Tobacco Caye and chill.

Those are waves breaking on the reef, which is just beyond the island.

We all kind of took over the bar at Reef's End.

After a bit we went off to explore the small island.

We did snorkel for a bit, and it was nice, but we didn't see anything very spectacular.

Good bye for now, Tobacco Caye - we will be back!

Thankfully the seas had calmed, and the ride home was MUCH more relaxing.