Monday, August 31, 2015

8-30-2015 Mark's Birthday Party

Mark decided to have his birthday party start in the afternoon so people could enjoy the water if they wanted.  More than one
person didn't realize we have a dock here because they have only ever been here at night.

Lots of friends showed up, and it was a great time.

That darn seaweed kept everyone out of the water except the children.

Ryan and Jen's dog, Mr. Big (at left), really enjoyed playing with Snowy (at right), who we were watching for friends.

The party was for Mark and Yuri (whose birthday we missed celebrating), but two others also had birthdays that week,
so here are all the birthday boys and girl.

One of four birthday cakes for Mark

Sunday, August 30, 2015

8-27 to 8-29-2015 Exploring Caye Caulker with Gabby

First stop after picking up Gabby from the airport in Belize City - the beautiful BELIZE sign in the Buttonwood Bay area.

Aboard the water taxi to Caye Caulker...

Beautiful waters on the way to Caye Caulker

Pulling into Caye Caulker

Friends had recommended the Tropical Paradise Hotel, so we quickly found a taxi (golf cart) to take us there.

It's a cute little place at the south end of town.

Our cabana was closest to the water, so there was always a nice breeze.

The cabana was basic, but we weren't hanging out there, so it doesn't much matter. (It did have a full bath and A/C.)

Gabby enjoying our little deck

There was a nice beach area to relax at, plus a dock, and Cara and Gabby enjoyed swimming off of that.

We headed out to explore the island.

Next door to our lodging was a beautiful little cemetery.

We enjoyed just walking around exploring the island and the wonderful places to relax.

Gabby and Eric in front of the bar at "the Split" on Caye Caulker.  (A cut in the island now splits it in two.)

The sun getting lower on our first night in Caye Caulker.  We just walked around and explored the whole island.

We found the "industrial" part of the island.

A giant generator provides power to the whole island.

Our first night's dinner was at Barrier Reef Sports Bar
Our view of the moon as we had dinner

Cara's black bean tacos actually had black bean burger (a lot) in them - zingy and good, but more filling than she expected.

Eric's burritos (he had leftovers)

Fresh mango/papaya/coconut milk smoothie by the sea to start the next day

The cute bar at "the Split" called The Lazy Lizard - we had drinks there later in the day.

Iguana sighting

The sign says "No Siting Up Here", though I think they mean "sitting".  Lol!

A nice swimming area, complete with makeshift slides.  Cara and Gabby went swimming here.

Drinks on a hammock at Sobre Las Olas

Lunch at Rainbow Grill

Our view at lunch

"Di Big Kahuna Stress God" inside a shop
It says (in creole), "Take my picture & I want to take your stress".

In water tables at The Lazy Lizard (at the Split)

Of course, we had to get in and have drinks there!

Kayakers going through "the Split"

We also watched this sailboat sail right through "the Split".

Last morning in Caye Caulker.  (Eric got up early that morning and took photos for Google Street View of the entire island.)

Leaving Caye Caulker on the water taxi

Approaching Belize City...

Lunch stop at El Rancho near Belmopan, on the drive back to Hopkins.

We generally take guests to Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe on their first night here, but they had just closed for the month.  So,
that night we went with Mark and Sabrina and had dinner with Chef Rob, his wife Corrie, and their son TJ, at their other
restaurant, Love on the Rocks.  That is also a unique experience.

First we had drinks at the bar while we waited for everyone to get there.

Mike is who runs Love on the Rocks

Letitia (behind the bar) is Mike's wife

They only gave Gabby and Mark bibs to wear - not sure why...


Eric's meal (you cook your own meat on the super hot volcanic rock provided).

They made Cara a special grilled vegetable salad.

It was the last night before the Lucky Lobster closed for a month, so we had to go there after dinner!