Thursday, February 23, 2017

2-23-2017 Horseback Riding, Caving and a Waterfall

Our friend Lea arranged for a bunch of us to go horseback riding at Mayan World Destinations. South of the roundabout to
Placencia is where you find the turnoff for Lill Bill Bill Horse Ranch, which was our destination this morning.

The manager and horse trainer, Jimmy Lindo, had everything ready for thirteen of us.

Some people had never been on a horse before, and some people had lots of experience, but we all went on the easy/intro ride.

The view from atop Cara's trusted steed

After a short ride on a nice jungle trail we stopped and tied up the horses.

It was time to head up the walking trail to the cave.

Crazy, but right next to the cave is a small soaking pool, though it doesn't look like it has been used in a long time, if ever.

The view of the valley from the pool

Looking back toward the gathering area outside the cave

The gathering area outside the cave

First peek inside the cave

There is a small chamber, then you head down a staircase.

A tapir spine

Our guide, Jimmy, said the Mayans arranged rocks to create a rockslide to cut attackers off in
the cave, then they could escape by climbing up through this "back door" opening to the surface.

Another bone (can't remember which animal this was from)

Mayan pottery remains

This is the staircase where to exit the cave.

Then it was back to the horses for more trail riding.

This beautiful stallion was Cara's ride for the morning, which Jimmy said is a Leopard Appaloosa - gorgeous!

We continued through jungle, 

We went along the hillsides.

There was a little bit of road travel.

Vanessa and the mountains in the background

There were all kinds of animals on the ranch.

There was even a peacock!

At the end of the ride, our friend Pam was one person who went with Jimmy for a very brief ride with the horses at a full run.

Sabrina was another one who went on the run - brave souls! Whatever our skill level, though, we all had a blast. Plus, they
have all kinds of trails with different levels of difficulty, so they can create a nice riding experience for anyone.

Next we headed over to the waterfall at Mayan World Destinations. Of course, our friend Terry and his son Greg wanted their
photo atop the replica Mayan temple that is Mayan World's roadside marker.

Where the road crosses a (currently dry) creek you see this arch of bamboo leading off in either

Cara likes the new signage pointing you back to the waterfall.

Now there are nice public bathrooms near the parking lot.

Of course, the bathrooms are unique because they are built in the side of the rock face.

Stairs leading up atop the bathrooms

The plan is to turn this nook in the rock face into a small guest suite.

It will definitely be a small guest suite, but what a location!

The view of what will be a restaurant from the future guest suite.

The "honeymoon suite" that we have seen at various stages of construction.

There will be a king size mattress in there for the bed.

Panorama of the bathroom - that's the shower to the right.

Panoramic view from the bathroom

Ahhh, the waterfall.

Terry jumped in the pool.

Terry's son, Greg, jumped in next.

Pam jumped in, then promptly swam to the edge and got out.

The water is quite "refreshing", so unless it's a hot day, we don't always go swimming.

Cara often prefers to dip her feet in the water and let the little fish nibble off the dead skin - free pedicure!

The lower falls

View of lower falls at Mayan World adventures #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
Sabrina at the lower falls