Saturday, October 27, 2018

10-27-2018 Dual Event Party

On a chilly but nice autumn Saturday we met some friends in Brown County. We drove around the beautiful countryside for
a while, then stopped for a wine tasting at Butler Winery.

We then found our way to a lovely annual memorial party.

It also was also a party to celebrate the recent marriage of the host's son (son on the far right, bride in the middle).

There was a gorgeous setup in the tent for the wedding celebration.

Inside was a huge spread of food for the pitch-in dinner.

There was even a live band for entertainment.
Plus a bonfire (much appreciated)!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

10-24-2018 Walking Downtown Indy and Fountain Square

It was a nice, sunny day so we headed to Fountain Square in the late afternoon to walk around. We liked how they painted
this utility box and pole to look steampunk. 

We also like and almost always stop at the new little "park" / viewpoint that is on the hill between the northbound and
southbound lanes of the highway. This is another view of it that we haven't photographed before.
We walked into downtown Indy and saw this huge new area (partially done) with businesses and residences. We realized
how much this will be like the "Pearl" district of Portland, Oregon when it is finished.

We continued into the heart of downtown. The National FFA Convention is going on, so there were blue jacketed future
We walked back to Fountain Square and shared a yummy Thai peanut curry dish at Siam Square.

We also enjoyed some jazz at Square Cat Vinyl. (Yes, they still sell vinyl records.)

They also have a bar AND all ages seating for events - nice!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

10-19 to 10-21-2018 Hayride to Hell XXX

Our incredible friends throw an awesome camping Halloween Party each year - this was the 30th year! Our friends are all amazingly creative with their costumes and pumpkins! The theme was Prom Night in Hell.

Cheryl and the original iteration of the "Photo Booth" backdrop.

Normally the trees are in full fall color at this time of year.

Cole and his very creative pumpkin hat

One friend had professional signs made for the event.

Early pumpkin entries

The final iteration of the photo booth backdrop.

Saturday walk to the lake.

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the lake.

Valerie with Fifi

Hayrides are always fun.

Loved the simple decoration of this perfectly shaped albino pumpkin!

Ethan and Lillian working on their pumpkin.

Time for the Saturday night pitch-in dinner.

Whoopsie - Justin discovered where someone had added a fake butt to the crashed witch decoration.

Live music on Saturday night.

Getting ready for the costume competition.

"The Munsters"

It's amazing what those photo filters can do!

"Obi-Juan Kenobi and Jewbacca"

Little Swiss Girl

That's just creepy.

Apparently chaperones at Prom nowadays actually wear prom dresses (but also carry a fanny
pack to carry the breathalyzer, flashlight, etc.).
We added a punk theme to our costumes to help stay warm.

A couple "cool cats" and their little Swiss girl daughter.

Love all the pumpkins! (The angler fish pumpkin won.)

The infamous butt cheek pumpkin plate (we'll just leave it at that).

Little doctor

This "gumball machine" also made the pumpkin gumball machine - very creative (a winner).

Eric arranging the bonfire.

Adult hayride! :)

A rare photo of Charlie.

Sunday walk to the lake.

Panzer could not get enough of retrieving sticks in the lake, even though it was cold.

Panzer leading the way back up from the lake. Time to go home.