Friday, March 31, 2017

3-31-2017 Friends Arrive & We Visit Altun Ha

Our friends from Indiana arrived for a visit to Belize, so we picked them up at the airport and headed to Altun Ha so they
could see a Mayan ruin. Eric took the picture, so here is Brian, Cara, Steve (the owner of the diner), JoEllen, Erin and Jessica.

Altun Ha was occupied from around 900 B.C. to 1000 A.D.

Structure B-4 Temple of Sun God

Climbing the Temple of Sun God

Eric waited at the bottom until everyone got up to the top so he could take a picture.

Hahaha - our group is the five people on the right, but the lady in black pants, white shirt and hat decided to wave for our
picture too, apparently.

Panorama from the top of the Temple of Sun God

One of many times we saw Brian in the role of "Photographer Dad"

There were a few busloads of tourists there when we first arrived, but after a bit we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Inside the interpretive center is a nice aerial photo of the ruins.

Pretty flowers outside the interpretive center...

We had a quick bite at one of the restaurants by Altun Ha.

Brian bought coconut water and sugarcane from this guy. The coconut water was a hit - the sugarcane, not so much. Here the
guy is demonstrating how he makes a tool to keep the mosquitoes away.

On our way to the ferry to Caye Caulker we saw a boat being trailered, but what was the guy on to boat really supposed to be
doing? Holding something in place? Evening out the weight? (Because the boat was at a slight slant the other way...)

Just hitching a ride, I guess. Or maybe there just wasn't room for him in the truck.

We caught the ferry to Caye Caulker, checked into our hotel, then wandered over to Wish Willy's Grill for dinner. It's a
favorite of ours - great vibe, delicious food, and friendly people. (Someone happened to be having their 50th birthday party
there also, thus all the "50" banners.) After dinner we wandered around a little bit, but we all still went to bed early.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3-28-2017 Jam night at Driftwood in Hopkins

Tuesdays are a nice night to go and see some music at Driftwood in Hopkins, Belize. You always see new and old faces, hear good music and have a nice evening.

It is nice when it doesn't rain and you can listen to the music on the beach
Driftwood is known for good pizza


Monday, March 27, 2017

3-27-2017 Animal house at Windschief

This is the second Monday that Windschief played a movie.  The movie started at 7 and was the classic, Animal House.  It had been a long time since we saw the movie.

unfortunately no pictures were taken

Sunday, March 26, 2017

3-26-2017 trip to waterfall at Tiger Fern in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

We left at about 9 and headed about 30 minutes away to Cockscomb Basin.  There is a lot to do there including several waterfalls, lots of hikes, and a tubing river.  This day we did the Tiger Fern Trail.
A lot of people come to Hopkins to go Birding
There is knowledgeable guy and a nice little gift shop and information center there
This is what the area looks like
I love the signs in Belize
The Audubon society is very active in Belize and has several properties
There are tons of trails to explore
The start of the Tiger Fern Trail
At the top of the hill there is a campsite and from here you go down again to the waterfall
This is the lower pool
This is the upper pool
The water was cold
The mists made us all comfortable and we just chilled out for several hours
Our friends ned and dia showed up and quickly decided to cool down

Cheryl got a splinter on the way out
beautiful flowers were on the trail
beautiful panoramas
to the right you see that big peak....that is Victoria Peak.....people love to take 3-4 days to hike from where we started to the top of the distant mountain.
There was a nice little shelter there
We got home and decided to go to Virge Kitchen this is the bbq pork steak
Veggie Quesadilla