Sunday, January 22, 2017

1-22-2017 ziplining, tubing, and a beach walk

This will be one of our longer blog posts because we did a lot and got a lot of good pictures and videos.  We started the day at about 9 and headed to Mayan World Adventures.  In their area they offer horseback riding, zip lining, cave tubing, horseback riding, caving, and waterfall viewing.

On this day we went zip lining and cave ended early and we finished off the day with a long beach walk.


This is the unmistakable entrance to the waterfall, zip lining, and tubing.  It is new and still under construction

This is the road that heads back to where you zip line and tube

The zip lining only opened up a few months ago

After a few steps you emerge into the spot where you get geared up

They have a lot of gear and it all looks brand new

Getting ready

Our guide was very experienced and help make the whole experience enjoyable

This is looking off of the first run

Vanessa is coming in for a landing

Looking down the second run

They had a cool little wooden bridge made

The stairs and trails were very nice and it was only a short few steps to the next launching point

Here is a view of a launching stand

A couple of ladies from Canada joined us and they were not in great shape, but they did fine and
they enjoyed themselves.

Each run goes over the river and back to the other side of the valley

After the zip lining we went to the valley floor to start the tubing part of the trip.  Overhead we
saw a zipper zipping.

It is a really beautiful spot with a nice little swimming hole at the start

The Tubes and equipment was really nice

Cara rode in the raft with a guide and took the pictures we see.

There was nice current the whole way.  We saw two big beautiful Scarlet Macaws but we couldn't get a good picture of them.

Vanessa flipped in one rapid, but she wasn't hurt and had a great time anyway.

They had a really nice haul out point

We got back early so we went out for some fish at our favorite place, Luba Laruga

They have a beautiful beach spot

Cara and Caitlan (our local baker)

We walked way down the beach and ended up at our favorite little high spot at Weiga to watch a beautiful sunset

Thursday, January 19, 2017

1-19-2017 music at Queen Bean in Hopkins

Currently this is the best music in the week in Hopkins.  The reason is that it is a more local, less touristy place and the best musicians in the area step in for a song or two so it is always a bit different.  Hopkins has the best music scene we have found in Belize.

Packed house and there are a lot of people out in the black that you cannot see

A popular style of music in Belize.  The band plays a song while a girl dances.  The girl or girls become the conductor of the band and the band does a great job of trying to keep up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1-18-2017 Villa Rising Sun Party

Villa Rising Sun is a guesthouse that features a really nice wet bar, fridge, ice maker, etc.  It is as nice of a bar as anywhere in Hopkins....only it is private.  Anway...the guests there wanted to throw a party and they invited us.

James loves making his favorite shot called the "Rising Sun"  Notice the shot glasses lined up?

There was lots of food and drink

Pictures of the moon never turn out for me, but this night was a full moon

1-18-2017 Miniature Golf at Windschief

If you read this Blog much you know that Wed. is typically Miniature Golf night here in Hopkins.  3 drinks and unlimited putt putt for 5 US $ is a hard deal to pass up.

Ed is always a contender and is a fixture at Windschief

Ed is the Dude in real life

Nice crowd was a tournament so the crowd is a little bit bigger and people try harder.  Tourneys are once  amonth.

Olly is reading the results

now it is time for a little bit of foosball to round out the night

Saturday, January 14, 2017

1-14-2017 Walk on the beach and working on

As a hobby we have been working on  Maybe we spend 1/2 day per week on this.  The website is a basic business guide for the village.  We are listing everybody on and we are also listing people on Google maps and we are doing a complete streetview for Hopkins.  It is all online now.

Our virtual reality pictures need to be taken when the sun is directly overhead so that the businesses on one side or the other do not get shaded.

We take detailed pictures of the signs and the hours so that Google can read that and read the location and feel comfortable adding the business.

This is the basic Menu for Virge Kitchen.  They also make something like stewed chicken or BBQ pork or Conch soup as a daily special

This is the interior of Virge Kitchen

we grabbed a snack and we added them to google maps and posted these pics

After that we packed up the backpack and took off for a long beach walk of about 8 miles round trip

Destination of the trip was Hal, Connie, and Kyle.  They are from Calgary, Canada.

They had a small little dock party and it was a lot of fun.

Just another day on the beach
After that we corralled Kyle and hooked a ride into town to watch the band.  Below is a sample.