Friday, November 6, 2020

11-6-2020 Hurricane Eta Aftermath


Early November brought Hurricane Eta, which devastated parts of Nicaragua and Honduras before
turning north and skirting the coast of Belize. It brought loads of rain, which caused some flooding
in our village.

This is one of the middle roads in Hopkins. The water wasn't super deep, but you definitely don't
want to miss the road and go into the ditch on either side of it.

This is supposed to be a canal to the left of the road pictured above. Of course, it looks just the same
as the road due to the flooding.

Those of us closer to the beach had no flooding whatsoever, but as you headed inland toward the wet
grass savanna there was more flooding. This land is just one block away from where we live.

This is the main road into/out of Hopkins that crosses the wet grass savanna. Parts of it dip lower so
the water can wash over it during flooding events, which it definitely did here. Thankfully, we don't
need to leave the village anytime soon.