Friday, August 31, 2018

8-31-2018 biked down to the grand opening of a new distillary

This place is called 8th Day Distillery and there are a lot of these popping up all around.  It seems to be part of the brewery, winery explosion all over the state.  Anyway....there was a HUGE line of like 40 minutes to get a pricey cocktail.  I didn't get one because it was all a bit fancy for me.

This distillery is in a part of what used to be a big factory.  It is right off of the bike trail.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

8-22-2018 to 8-29-2018 Turkey Run State Park

We do a website called and it is a very beautiful place.  We streetviewed the roads and you can see that using regular google streetview…...if you look down in the 360 image you will see Eric's head.  Here is a link to the Streetview 

Below are some random images from our week. 

We had a nice compact campsite.  It rained a lot during the week.

This is a picture of the Turkey Run State Park inn

The suspension bridge crosses Sugar Creek and most of the trails are on the opposite side of the river to the main park

This is probably the best canoeing river in Indiana.  It is a little muddy because it rained the previous day and night

Another picture of the iconic Suspension bridge....They said that during the last big flood a big tree got stuck on the bridge

We went during the week and nobody was there on this day

The trails are breathtaking and you are in deep canyons

This shows the ups and downs on this particular lop trail

This is the covered bridge that is on the East border of the park

I am looking through the covered bridge to the new road bridge

We went on a tour of the Lusk Home.  The Lusk family saved this land and helped to form one of the first Indiana State Parks

This was our camera saw his beard as the same color as the wood I guess?

This is another view of the Lusk Home

On Saturday the Park campground was full.  It had been raining a lot anyway so we got the cheap cabin from one of our customers.

This was the inside which had hospital beds for all your needs

When we had to do big uploads for the streetview we hung out here and played pinball.  This is in the Turkey Run Inn

Lots of butterflies and wildlife

We ate a lot of fresh farmers market fare

Monday, August 20, 2018

8-20-2018 Walked around the Art school in Broad Ripple

We parked at our normal free spot in Broad Ripple and walked 1.5 miles to the Art Center in Broad Ripple.  It is sort of a school, but I am not exactly sure what they do in there.

Broad Ripple is right by the White River

Each of these blue shingles has stuff written on there

There is a park of sorts there with lots of art installations

Interesting little hangout

They have a large deck overlooking the White River

White River picture again

Here is a picture of part of the deck

This was just sitting there

Then we used the Chipotle App because they sent us a del

Sunday, August 19, 2018

8-19-2018 Sunday bike trip downtown Indianapolis

It was a beautiful Sunday so Eric, Cara, Mark and Annette decided to bike downtown.

There is a lot of construction in downtown Indianapolis over the past few years

Indianapolis has some AWESOME bike trails

We happened upon a meeting of Indian people.  Not sure what it was all about.

They had a few food booths, but we didn't eat there

We stopped by Whole Foods Market.  Eric got a custard tart....but the funny part of this picture is the cd's.  Who buys cd's in the first place.  Who buys them at Whole Foods?  Lynard Skynard is on sale.  Seems funny from Amazon?

In Indianapolis the dead center is 0 - 0 which is marked by the Circle and the monument.  This is a view of the Government Building.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

8-18-2018 biked to Fort Ben State Park then went to a White River Yacht Club Party

This was a Saturday and Mark, Annette, and their 2 kids joined Eric and Cara for a nice Bike Ride.

There is a wonderful trail system over to Fort Ben State Park near Indianapolis

The Kids didn't want to go....they like to stay in their rooms and do what they do.

It was a beautiful day for a ride

This is the party at the White River Yacht club.  Which is a funny name considering all you can run in this river is a small pontoon boat.  It was fun and there was a good band there.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

8-16-2018 walked around Broad Ripple

Just Cara and Eric walked around Broad Ripple.  We nearly didn't go, but the forecast looked like there was a break in the rain so we decided to get some exercise. 

We were greeted with a rainbow as we found our free parking spot.  Broad ripple is mostly metered parking....but free if you walk an extra 2 blocks.

I saw this rack and it says James Baroud envasion.  I took the picture to see what it was.  It is a tent on top of your car and the website didn't list the price.....seems odd?

the local art work is always fun to look at

this is a view of the canal leaving broad ripple....that is broad ripple at the end can barely see it.

another view of the canal past broad ripple

This is from noodles and company and is their new zucchini noodles

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

8-14-2018 biked the Indianapolis Grand Loop

This was a fine Tuesday and Mark, Cara and Eric decided to bike what we called the Grand Loop.  That is from Marks house 6 miles to Downtown Indianapolis then 4 miles across town then go up the West side to Broad Ripple and back around.  Anyway this is about a 25 mile loop.

Lots of beautiful sites on the ride.  The day was nice!

This picture is on the White River Trail

This is an old dam on the white river

the signs are showing their age

We stopped by Hopcat and they had these award winning fries?

We split an order of nachos

The fries sucked if you ask me.

Nice to go box