Thursday, January 23, 2020

1-23-2020 Catamaran Trip with Uncle Bill and Friends

Eric's Uncle Bill and some of his friends were visiting, and they wanted to take a boat trip, so we booked with The Cat's
Meow Catamaran Tours
. From left to right are Chuck, his wife Stephanie, Uncle Bill, Mike and his wife Pam.

It was cool and overcast when we first headed out to sea.

Thankfully, by the time we got to the reef to go snorkeling the weather was much better.

All the underwater photos are thanks to our awesome guide Ralph, aka Tuff Love.

Beautiful little ray.

Love that electric blue fish hiding in the coral.

This one looks like he is giving us the evil eye.

We always go snorkeling if we have the opportunity. Here is Cara in her full face mask that she likes.

Besides Eric and Cara, only Chuck went snorkeling. It was his first time ever and he did great!

After snorkeling we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our host Dory.

Then we stopped at South Water Caye to walk around the island for a bit.

South Water Caye is located right on the reef, which is where you see the waves breaking in the distance.

One of the bars at a resort on the island. It was closed when we were there.

This is the resort on the other end of the island.

A grave, maybe?

Heading back to the boat on the dinghy.

Bye bye South Water Caye! Oh, we were also lucky enough to see dolphins next to the boat on our way back, though
nobody got any good photos or video.

Our happy group and guide.

Captain Kenny, as we head up Sittee River.

This big iguana was sunning himself on the roof of the house next to The Cat's Meow Catamaran Tours.