Tuesday, October 20, 2020

10-18 to 10-20-2020 Friends Trip to Bread & Butter Cayes

Some friends organized a two night trip to Bread & Butter Cayes to take advantage of the new moon
and hopefully see even more stars than we normally see.

The day started off rainy, but then turned beautiful.

Duane, one of the island owners, broke out some fireball for everyone.
However, he thought one person in our group was being a baby about drinking
it, so he poured it in a baby bottle for him, lol.

We did get some rain during the trip, but that did not stop us from dancing and having a blast.

A beautiful heron came and visited us on the brand new dock (built after Hurricane Nana destroyed
the old one).

There was plenty of relaxing time during the days after our late nights.

Eric took the obligatory nap in a hammock - super peaceful.

Some of us went swimming/floating around the island, and others went out fishing via paddleboard.

We enjoyed some nice sunsets.

As you can see, we way overpacked for a two night trip, lol.

We all had a fabulous time and hope to do it again soon.

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